QUESTION NO. 2: 20 Cent Levy Transfer

Help Increase Salaries for Teachers and Staff

Voters in the Southern Boone School District will have the opportunity to vote on a proposal during the upcoming April 2nd, 2024 election to help support teachers and staff within the district.

The question seeks authorization from voters to make adjustments to the district’s debt services and operating property tax levies. This adjustment will not raise the district's current tax rate. The proposal is a levy transfer of 20 cents from the debt services fund to the operating fund. This transfer aims to help the district's ability to attract and retain high-quality educators by increasing salaries for teachers and staff. The district wants to increase the recognition of the invaluable contributions of its employees. This measure will allow the district to provide a more competitive compensation structure for teachers and staff.

If approved by voters, the district’s operating property tax levy would increase by 20 cents, moving from $3.9846 to $4.1846 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. This would result in the debt service property tax levy decreasing by 20 cents, moving from $1.8055 to 1.6055 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. This transfer will not increase the district’s total property tax levy, which will remain unchanged at $5.7901 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

Why is the District Requesting This Change?

The Board of Education voted in January 2024 to place this proposal on the April 2nd, 2024 election ballot to address the priority of attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and staff. This has been identified as a top priority in the school district's Continuous School Improvement Plan.

What Makes Up Our Tax Rate and How Would it Change?

The total tax rate consists of four rates; one for each of the district’s funds. Under Missouri law, tax dollars collected in each fund can only be used for the purposes of that fund. 

  • Funds 1 & 2 (Operational and Teachers Fund) provide resources for the district's daily operations, including payment of salaries and benefits for employees, student transportation, curriculum resources, utilities, insurance, student activities, and other general operating costs.

  • Fund 3 (Debt Service) provides funding to pay interest and principal on the District’s debt (bond issues).

  • Fund 4 (Capital Projects) provides funding to maintain and refresh the District’s facilities and equipment.

The total of these funds results in a total tax rate of $5.7901.

Current Tax Rates

If voters approve Question 1: Levy Transfer, the tax rate by fund would change, but the total tax levy would remain unchanged.

Proposed Updated Tax Rates

Ballot Question

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