Volunteer Program

Southern Boone County R-I  Volunteer Services

VIPS: "Volunteers in Public Schools" 

“You give but a little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself, that you truly give.” --Kahlil Gibran

Anyone interested in contributing to the Excellence of the Southern Boone County Schools by serving as a non-paid employee in the school.  A person may be considered a volunteer by contributing regular hours at one school, or several hours to a special event or activity.  A volunteer provides supportive assistance based on unique qualifications and skills contributed to the students of Southern Boone County R-I Schools.  Volunteers help schools by relieving teachers of nonteaching tasks that are essential to the success of a school.

Objectives of the Southern Boone County R-I Volunteer Program
The following objectives have been developed  in order to ensure that volunteer program functions efficiently and effectively.  These goals should provide a framework  to guide activities for which volunteers will participate.

  • Volunteers help teachers provide individualized attention for students by reinforcing skills, stimulating interest, motivating students to be successful, and recognizing student success.

  • Volunteers enable libraries, labs, and offices to function at a higher level of efficiency.

  • Volunteers contribute to the positive culture of a learning community by bringing a positive attitude about academic success and educational growth.

  • Volunteers supplement and enrich the education of students by bringing to the school various experiences, skills, talents, and expertise.

  • Volunteers broaden the community understanding of school goals, needs, and promote effective school and community relations.

Guidelines, Information, and Procedures

The following are procedures all volunteers are asked to follow:

1.  Complete a Volunteer Enrollment Form.  Complete a background check based on the level of clearance you are seeking and provide results to the school district office.  Level I clearance allows you clearance to work directly with students in a classroom setting.  Level II clearance allows you to work in other areas of the school setting.

2.  Attend an orientation meeting.  The meeting will help the volunteer become familiar with procedures of the school setting and district facilities.  This orientation will also allow you an opportunity to ask questions.

3.  After the orientation, your available times and interests will be matched with a need within the school district.  You will be notified of your building, office, or grade level assignment.  You will need to complete the Volunteer Placement/ Release Form to the Building Principal before your assignment can be made.

4.  Each time you volunteer you must sign in at the school.  Our record keeping is necessary to note contributions of volunteers and also to keep our schools safe.  This will give you an opportunity to check in with office staff and pick up your volunteer badge.  Please wear the badge at all times while volunteering in the school.

5.  If a volunteer will not be able to attend on the prearranged date or time, he or she will give advance notice to the school office.  Although the job you do is voluntary, the commitment must be professional.  Teachers plan for and depend on the volunteer’s presence.  Teachers and office staff can readjust plans and accommodate for an absence with advance notice.  In addition, if a change in the volunteer’s time schedule, job situation, or availability changes during the year, the volunteer will let the volunteer coordinator know so adjustments can be made to the volunteer schedule and placements. 

6.  Volunteers may seek advice, guidance, and information about the volunteer duties from the teacher, office staff, or principal.  If a change in assignment is desired the volunteer should contact the volunteer coordinator.  We want our valued volunteers to be content in an assignment that compliments their interests and capabilities.  A volunteer is free to terminate his/her services at any time by notifying the volunteer coordinator.

Job Descriptions
So what can I do to help?

Classroom Assistants work closely with classroom teachers and staff, assisting in various projects, preparing instructional materials, and interacting with students.  Duties at the younger grade levels may include reading, story-telling, listening to children read, helping students with individual struggles and assignments, and preparing instructional materials to help teachers.  Duties at the Middle School and High School could include working on special projects, operating AV equipment, performing clerical duties, making or preparing instructional materials, working with students on reading or helping with assignments.

work one-on-one with a student or small groups of students who need help in academic subjects through reinforcement of basic skills. 

Support Service Volunteers
perform a variety of school duties assigned by staff members such as working in the office, monitoring hallways, recess, or the lunch room, assisting in the media center, or classrooms. 

work with discouraged students on a regularly scheduled basis.  The main goal for these volunteers is to motivate students and build relationships that promote success.  Through establishing significant relationships, helping students set goals, and serving as a positive role model, mentors can provide encouragement and friendship to a student.  Mentoring times can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

Activities Volunteers
give important support as needed for special groups and/or projects.  This may include serving for field trips, field days, career fairs, judging student competitions, fine arts activities, and other school sponsored activities.

Business Partners
is a broad-based program which promotes business involvement in the schools.  This partnership could include many opportunities to help the schools in a variety of ways such as:  One-to-one tutoring, classroom presentations, student and/or teacher recognition/rewards, donation of materials/funds, or implementing a unique program designed by the school and business partner.

Resource Speakers/Presenters
provide curriculum enrichment by sharing information on careers, hobbies, travel, and other areas of expertise with students or parents in classrooms, parent orientations, or at school-wide assemblies.

Learning Garden Volunteers
help provide after school experiences for students in the learning garden which includes a variety of learning experiences for students.

Community Work Day Volunteers

For more information or to volunteer your time, please contact any one of the building offices.

Primary School: 573-657-2148
Elementary School: 573-657-2145
Middle School: 573-657-2146  
High School: 573-657-2144